Our Jesus

When Jesus was on the cross, He endured for three hours or more. The floggings, torture, kicking, beatings, a crown of three to four inch thorns ground into his forehead–He willingly accepted it all knowing there was worse to come. Here is the thing that takes my breath away… the human adult body contains just less than a gallon of blood. How much blood do you believe our Savior lost BEFORE he was nailed to the Cross? Way before Jesus should have died, a Roman soldier is ordered to jab a spear into His side, just to make sure our Lord dies before sunset. Common sense tells us blood should have flowed from the wound. It was not blood, it was water. Our Lord, our Savior, our precious Lamb of God shed more than 3 liters of His blood FOR US before He ever died on the Cross. The loss of Blood, His shame, His enduring love for us as He was unimaginably tortured, the very breath He held on to until His Father called Him home… The Very SON OF GOD, the ONLY SON OF GOD, loves you this much! Please think on this. Please do not turn from the One who loves you more than you will ever understand. Soon and very soon He is coming. Please be sure He is coming for you. I cannot endure the thought that our Lord gave so much, and so many deny Him… not when one day you will meet Him, whether you have accepted Him as God our Savior or not. If you believe in Him or if you deny Him… you are still so very, very loved. The choice of acceptance is yours.

Our Jesus

Did you know:
Most “criminals” who were crucified were not nailed to the cross. They were bound. Our Lord was nailed. The nails were 6 to 8 inches long.The first nails were driven into Jesus’ wrists–not his palms There is a tendon in the wrist that extends to the shoulder. The Roman guards knew that when the nails were being hammered in our Lord’s wrists that the tendon would tear and break and Jesus would have to use his back muscles to support himself so he could “rise up” to breath. Both of our Savior’s feet were then nailed together. He then had to support himself on a single nail that impaled his feet to the Cross. Now, Jesus was unable to support Himself with both His legs. Because of the unimaginable pain, Jesus had to use all His strength to alternate between arching His back then using what little strength He had in His legs just so He could draw a breath.
He struggled, He suffered, He was in pain unlike any other and He HAD COURAGE!!
For us… He did this for us!!!
Tomorrow, I will tell you more.



Change is occurring rapidly, not just to Brian and me, but to so many others who are seeking a deeper, more revealing relationship with our Lord. But, it is coming with a price; so me being me, I am constantly before Abba asking the Holy Spirit “What? How? When”?
This morning He showed me a scripture and took me to a place I have not visited in quite some time.
Do any of you remember Corrie Ten Boom? If you are a Christian birthed from the “Jesus Revolution” of the 60’s and 70’s you should remember her. If not, let me give you a brief bio:
Pre-WW11, Corrie was a Dutch watchmaker. She was also a Christian. Her family believed that the Jews were the Chosen People, and though Gentiles, they devotedly read and believed in the Old Testament. When Jews were being arrested and persecuted, it was known throughout the Jewish community and to those who were fighting in the resistance, that “In the household of the Ten Boom’s, God’s people were always welcome.”
The Ten Boom household was of one accord—one solid belief—and they were major prayer warriors. They listened to the Holy Spirit and obeyed; as a result, magnificent miracles manifested in unusual and astounding ways. The Ten Boom family saved many lives, though members of their household died in prison camps and women’s labor camps. Corrie’s sister died in a labor camp where she and Corrie had been conducting Bible studies with a Bible they had smuggled in. That, in and of itself is an indescribable miracle, as every woman was stripped naked and searched before entering the camps. Before Betsie, Corrie’s sister, died at age 59, she told Corrie, “There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still.”
Wow ….
Now go to Acts 1:14:
“These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer, …”
I have not thought of Corrie Ten Boom in so many years. I still have her books—somewhere—but for the Lord to download her life back into me when I was praying the “what, when, how’s” I knew there was something deeper.
Then bam.
“Go to Acts, I’ll show you, then I will bring to your memory.”
Now that He has, I am praying Abba will give me the words to describe to you the intimacy—the depth—of what Jesus wants you to know.
Corrie Ten Boom is the example. WE are to be receptive and then make a very serious decision.
The Holy Spirit is weeping for his people. He has been ignored, shoved aside and in some cases, forgotten. We have stepped back from His intimacy and allowed the world to yammer into our hearts and ears.
Corrie Ten Boom’s intimacy with the Holy Spirit was so extraordinary that she literally lived in the Word of:
“Pray continuously.”
How do I know this?
One time in the 1970’s she was being interviewed by a reporter after her movie, “The Hiding Place” (1971), had been released. Throughout the interview she talked very quietly under her breath. She answered the reporter’s questions, asked a few of her own, retold stories and related facts. YET, she NEVER stopped whispering under her breath. The reporter, knowing she was elderly and had been under great strain, said something like, “Miss Ten Boom, are you tired? Am I disturbing you or taking up too much of your time? Am I distracting you from doing something you need to do?”
The reporter was uncomfortable that Corrie, in her mid 80’s, seemed to be continuously speaking to someone else—someone who was not in the room.
Miss Ten Boom placed her Bible beside her (she always had it with her), and smiled. She leaned toward the reporter and asked his forgiveness if he thought she was being rude.
“I’m speaking to my Best Friend,” she said. “I’m telling Him what we are talking about, and ask Him how I should answer your questions. I tell Him everything and speak to Him always, even when I am speaking to others.”
Imagine the reporter. Pen and paper in hand he must have sat there quietly until Corrie finally explained.
“My Best Friend is the Holy Spirit. I speak to Him always.”
Here it is!
Acts: “…with ONE MIND continually devote yourself to prayer …”
Precious brothers and sisters, we are once again at such a time as this, where we MUST be in one accord, praying continuously and intimately to our Best Friend. Formal prayer is not what I am talking about. I’m trying to explain that—like Corrie Ten Boom—the Holy Spirit is crying out to be included in our lives in EVERY way and manner.
There is a division coming that will be placing light on darkness in ways that will shake people to the core. If the Holy Spirit isn’t your Best Friend, Comforter, Teacher and Disciplinarian, you are going to have some very hard choices to make. If you draw intimately—daily—into His presence, then the revelations that are coming for 2017 will not shake you or frighten you.
People like Corrie Ten Boom and her family always make me think.
Could I be like them in a time of such evil? Could I rise up and walk in such faith that the Holy Spirit literally opens my mouth to speak the impossible into being? Would I place the lives of strangers before my own and my family knowing that angels have charge of our lives? Would I stand ready and prepared knowing that evil in all its forms was breaking down my door?
Brian and I are changing our lives in a big way. God is placing our feet firmly behind His. Daily—and I mean JUST daily—we are directed by the Holy Spirit. What the next day brings, or the next 24 hours holds for us, I have to be truthful and say, “We don’t know.”
But here’s the kicker.
Every day, we are getting more and more excited. We grip Jesus’ hand tighter and tighter. We talk to the Holy Spirit so intimately that we are learning how to open our mouths and speak to strangers in strange places—when it concerns Jesus and what He wants that person to know.
We are at peace and rest. We still feel the sting of Satan when he throws out a dart, but Jesus is honing us, shaking us and testing us.
Fine! We need to be prepared, because we do not know what is coming from one day to the next.
So, when I feel a tad overwhelmed, my prayer goes deeper and more intimate, and, like today, The Holy Spirit reminds me of Corrie Ten Boom.
Wow… just think what could happen to our lives, our cities, our states, our nation and our world if we all obeyed Acts 1:14!

“And suddenly there came from Heaven a noise like a violent, rushing wind, and it filled the whole house (everything-everywhere) where they were sitting.” Acts 2:2.

Were they sitting quietly going about their individual wants and desires?
I don’t think so, because remember… they were ALL in one accord.

Emotional Whirlwinds

When your life is turned around 360 degrees, there are moments of panic, confusion and chaos. We are human, so feelings and emotions both good and bad run rampant when life is altered in a big way.
Boy, is my life being altered. So, I have to make choices. Here is what I have learned, not just because we are selling Angelwalk and all the dreams and visions I believed were attached to our home, but because my life is not my own; I freely gave my life to Jesus, so now I freely choose to accept what He desires to do with my life.
When I cry out, I ask The Holy Spirit to “show me”. I’m a visual person, I prefer black and white with slight shades of gray, and I do not like to function in the unknowns.
Well, guess where Jesus has placed me?
Smack dab in the middle of “what now?!”
I recognize the Holy Spirit teaches each of us differently when we cry out to Him. I have such a desire to cry out for the “deep” and “greater than” that sometimes I have to be reminded that asking and expecting MORE comes with a price. I was reminded of that today by my prayer partner; it was a priceless gift.
How can I expect the “greater than” if I am not willing to give up what I have, be disciplined and honed, and trust my Jesus with the answers to why I was given life?
Always, in some manner, my Savior answers me. Today He answered me so simply that I felt like I was yanked by my ankles into such depth that I am still having a hard time catching my breath.
Matthew 14.
I’ve read this chapter so many times, yet only now do I feel the grief and the joy. It applies to me and it will apply to you if you ask the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of your heart.
Imagine this scenario—feel it, see it, and smell it. Open your heart to accept both grief and joy.
Jesus’ cousin, whom He knew in the womb of His mother Mary, has just been murdered. Like a moth squashed while dancing around an open flame, John the Baptist was blithely beheaded in the midst of a drunken orgy by the calculated evil of a woman who used her daughter and the Jezebel spirit attached to her.
Jesus LOVED John. John KNEW Jesus was the Messiah. John gave his entire life to preparing Jesus’ way upon this earth. He was given the incredible honor of baptizing Jesus and opening up the anointing of Heaven and Abba Father for Jesus’ ministry to begin. Though John could have chosen a different path after Jesus’ ministry began, he did not. If anything, he increased his ministry to reveal evil and announce the arrival of Israel’s Messiah.
How deeply John must have loved Jesus. But then, the love Jesus had for John was greater, just as His love for us is greater than ours for Him.
When Jesus heard of John’s brutal murder, our Lord must have been devastated. He wanted to be alone, he wanted to grieve, He wanted to take time to talk to His Father. But in His grief, He had a choice. People knew where Jesus had gone—a solitary place in the mountains. They came by the thousands. He stood in His grief and made a choice so precious that I keep reading it over and over:
“…He had compassion on them….”
He saw His children and had pity and deep sympathy for them when He, Himself, was deeply grieving.
Think how tired Jesus must have been. Feel His grief. Imagine the overwhelming needs of a crowd greater than 5,000 people. Envision the disciples trying to maintain order with people pulling at Jesus from every direction. Understand that the disciples KNEW Jesus was grieving for His cousin John.
I see Jesus at this moment, and the word “compassion” takes on a deeper, living meaning; a noun that is so descriptive its significance seems bottomless. It is a word that pulses.
Then I hear Jesus say, “Bring them here to Me.”
One short, little sentence about fish and bread, but the vast significance of His sentence is unfathomable to me.
“Bring them here to Me ….”
Jesus feeds the multitudes, but is that as deep as it goes?
Later, Jesus must be alone. He has to grieve for His friend, cousin and predecessor. He has to have time with Abba. He has given His all, and it is paramount that He recharges His mind and Spirit.
When the Father releases Him to rejoin His disciples, it is somewhere between three and six A.M. The disciples are on the sea, unaware of Jesus’ whereabouts.
Tired, sleepy, worn-out, the men bob upon the waters that will forever be remembered—a deep, vast body of water that looks fathomless in the pre-dawn light.
Jesus has no doubt as to what their reaction will be. He understands their response to His appearance. He is walking on the water as if it were glass or a frozen sheet of ice. He has been with His Father; He is filled to overflowing with love, mercy and compassion.
“Take courage,” Jesus says as His disciples cry out in terror—as their boat rocks with chaos and confusion.
“It is I—your Savior—do not be afraid.”

“Bring ‘them’ here to Me…”
“It is I; do not be afraid…”

Though I cry out for understanding, I don’t need much more than the words Jesus spoke in Matthew 14. Jesus greatly loves me, just as He does you, with a love so profound that all we need to do is bring our all to Him, and never be afraid.
Once we release, the miracles He can do and desires to do, will take our breath away.

This is an ALERT!

First, you must know this:
1Corinthians 2:10 says, “For to us God revealed them (hidden wisdom) through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God.”
I NEED you.
When my daughter-in-law was giving birth to our granddaughter, she almost died three times. Then our baby girl was placed in serious distress. I called out to you—my brothers and sisters—and you fought with us. You battled, went nose to nose with Satan, shattered the gates of hell and overcame evil. Today, my precious granddaughter has no effects of a traumatic birth, and our daughter-in-law is healed to the very core of her inner self. Without you fighting by our side, we would have been overcome with weariness; with you, we received power, authority, the mind of Christ and the butt-kicking prayers of the Saints!
Satan lost. Jesus won. The Living Word became life over death.
Once again, I NEED you! Please read carefully, understand deeply and pass this from nation to nation. All over the world the Saints came to our side in unison and one accord. God Bless you, because you are once again being called upon.
I’m going to bust this out, so please be prepared, and remember, there is NO FEAR for those who are in Christ Jesus.
Satan started his attack on husbands and fathers. This was years ago. From there, after so much destruction, he moved to the heart of the family—the mothers. For two years I was inundated with prayer requests from mothers with cancer, odd diseases, unexpected bouts of overwhelming depression and anxiety, and a desire to give up. It was during this time my daughter-in-law almost lost her life.
I went into warfare with the Word of God and weaponry from Ephesians 6. I called on you and you answered. The destruction Satan intended became beautiful testimonies of healing and steadfast, resolute women whose love for Jesus grew deeper.
Now, Satan has decided he is going after our children—especially daughters of the Living God.
I have not been in such deep warfare since my granddaughter was being born. This is serious, very, very deeply related to generational curses, and centered on the second and third generation of the righteous.
I’m going to tell you about three little girls. THEY NEED YOU NOW!!
Phoenix is eight. At this moment she is being flow from a hospital in North Alabama where she has been in critical ICU to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. Children’s critical ICU is your last stand—in the eyes of man. The word of man has her liver nonfunctioning and her body shutting down. She has sores over her entire body. Staff infection is within her blood stream—so says the word of man. The physicians do not know what the source is. They are fighting to cure her. They are confused and talking amongst themselves as to what course of action to take.
Been there, done that. It is scary.
Now is the time to BELIEVE in the report of the Lord and SPEAK it over Phoenix. Psalm 91—use her name in place of nouns and pronouns. 1 Corinthians 2 for the doctors, nurses and ALL staff to have the Mind of Christ and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit that is hidden. It DOES NOT MATTER if they are believers in Christ! Speak it as the Living Word over Phoenix for revelation knowledge.
Visualize the Blood of our Lord flowing within her veins and arteries as you pray. Jesus freely took every stripe upon his back for our healing.
Go nose-to-nose with Satan and call him out. He CANNOT touch our children. The lord of this earth is under our heel and ground into the dust. So is every fallen angel, unclean spirit and demon. Rebuke, cast down, call out their defeat and SPEAK the Living Word AGAINST them! Battle for our children!! Phoenix needs you now!
Anna Lee is only two years old. This Christmas her pastor father and mother believed she had a stomach virus. She was rushed to Children’s hospital with a high fever. They diagnosed her with bacterial meningitis. This precious curly-headed little girl then had a stroke, and then was diagnosed with a horrific respiratory disease. It all struck out of the blue. One moment she was well, the next, the report of man was horrific.
Pray for her as you do Phoenix. We have battled for her in prayer, and she is healing. I want her dancing! There WILL NOT be residual effects of the stroke. She is totally healed and the report of man will not supersede the power of the Great I Am! Jesus will receive the glory, not man, and Anna Lee’s testimony will be passed from generation to generation! COVER HER! FIGHT for her!
London is six years old. She went to school today like any normal little girl. In the middle of class she had a major seizure. Thrown from her chair, her head cracked into another chair and split open. She was immediately raced to the E.R. She has a major concussion, and man does not know why the seizure occurred. Oddly, another child had the exact same thing happen to them very recently in the exact same town.
London WILL NOT have a seizure disorder. Her brain is unaffected and flows with the Blood of Christ. She will not have a scar from the wound on her head. The concussion will NOT have a lasting effect. Man may not know what has triggered the seizure but our Jesus does and He is her advocate and healer! Pray the Word over London and her parents.
Now is the time to fight! Satan will not hop from father, to mother to our children seeking to destroy and kill! He is defeated, and America better wake up! Unlike many of our brothers and sisters in foreign countries we rely too much upon the report of man and not the supernatural powers of our Savior, Jesus.
Please! Those of you who understand spiritual warfare, rise up and fight with us. So many of my precious brothers and sisters do not live in America, but I know you to be incredible warriors for the kingdom of God. Please share in your churches. Please grab onto our hands for an unbreakable prayer line. Thank you for standing with us!
Phoenix, Anna Lee and London are healed! Man may not see it, but we who battle Satan KNOW he is defeated! Thank you, Jesus for your Living Word.
Now you need to be wise and prepared.
I cover my children and their families in the Living Word and the Blood of the Lamb as often as I breathe. I pray over all of you who have joined with me in studying the Word of God and standing as followers of Christ Jesus. Please believe me when I tell you this …
Every morning—the beginning of your child’s day– stand in authority with your hands on your child praying for protection, the covering of The Blood, a hedge of angelic warriors purposing Psalm 91, and divine wisdom, knowledge and discernment concerning their life for that particular day and moment. It is crucial.
Do not walk in fear. Stand on the Word. Speak it out loud, and bond with your brothers and sisters in Christ to fight for the innocents.
Our children need you.
At this moment, Phoenix, Anna Lee and London need you.
Please share. Please commit. Rise up and be a warrior!
I love you so much.
Our Jesus loves you beyond our understanding.
Blessings, and so much appreciation for who you are in Jesus.