I’m starting late in my writing because, frankly, Luke has been a tad overwhelming. He is what we, today, would call a Renaissance Man. Delving into his personality and character, as well as his talents and purpose has been a blast; I am truly enjoying getting to know him. The hard Continue Reading


I’ve been praying about how to introduce you to Mark. There is much about this man that Christians of today do not know or understand. Once you get a glimpse into Mark’s life and personality, I believe you will read The Gospel of Mark with a fresh heart. So, I’m going Continue Reading


Let’s start with the basics. Most biblical scholars agree that Matthew wrote the first gospel. He was a chosen disciple of Jesus and one of the “eyewitnesses.” This means that Matthew personally knew Jesus; he walked with Him, spoke with Him and recorded Jesus’ day to day life and teachings. Let’s Continue Reading

We have a problem, and its a big one. The odd thing is, it’s an ancient problem, though so many that I speak with believe it is a “problem of the time and ages.” Meaning… it applies only to this generation. Not true; though in today’s time, with today’s technology, it Continue Reading