Beneath My Fathers Wings

books_fathersEven though unseen and ungrounded fears are normal for a child, they do not have to rule or overpower a child’s life. In this book, children are taught how to overcome and defeat their fears with the spoken power of the Word of God. Coupled with the knowledge that God has given His angels charge and authority over their lives, children will learn there is nothing in life too great to overcome with Jesus’ help.  

Beneath My Father’s Wings is a story about a mother snipe who wakes one morning to an unknown but very real threat to herself and her nest of eggs. She is so small and the danger seems so overwhelming, what can she possibly do to overcome it and protect her babies? All seems lost until, in a moment of her deepest desperation, the mother snipe reaches out to the one that has never left her side: God. An angel of the Almighty suddenly appears and the ensuing encounter will change the mother snipe’s life forever.