Future Projects


Amazing Grace

This is a novel for the pre-teen. The story line confronts the issues of self-esteem and self-worth, and addresses the feelings of fear and lack of confidence. The angels in this novel are powerful warriors, sent to teach the main characters how to step out in faith and trust the voice of God. The storyline is filled with adventure; rampaging packs of coyotes bent on destruction, an army of powerful angels called by their commander to protect and defend, a young son who is birthed into a warrior by confronting and conquering his fears, and a new mother who is taught the power of unconditional love. By the end of the book, the reader will be challenged to think in regard to consequences, choices and responsibilities. There is also a section for interactive teaching with a list of questions that will encourage reflection and open avenues of discussions, as well as short, relevant scriptures that can be easily memorized. This is a book for every young reader, male or female. But be prepared, by the last page, you will have a mighty warrior in your family; one who will refuse to be intimidated or defeated by the challenges of youth.

Journey of Faith”

A Journey of Faith is a true work of love. I wrote this novel after coming out of a season of overwhelming sadness. Within one year I lost three very dear friends, was personally involved in a traumatic event that altered my life, and then had to make the decision to put down my darling Fred—my giant English Mastiff who was dearer to me than most people could ever understand. It was with Fred’s death that I finally broke. Although I tried desperately to hide it, I was beaten down with sadness. It was my precious daughter-in-law, Mallory, who finally confronted me and told me everyone was concerned; I just wasn’t acting ‘normal’. That’s when I finally had an old-fashioned, southern come-apart with God. It was the toughest spiritual experience I have ever been through, and it broke me. Without getting into the personal details, I was beautifully, graciously healed, then put back together. It was hard… the hardest thing I have ever gone through, but from the core of my experience came A Journey of Faith. It is a novel about loss, about despair, about feeling forgotten and empty. It is also a novel of renewal, unconditional love, unexpected joy and a heart than can be healed. It is written for the ageless, both young and old, and I pray that soon, we will be able to get it to print. I know this novel is greatly needed, and that it was written for purpose. There are so many people on this earth that are hurting and grieving, and I long to help. Hopefully, by the grace of God, A Journey of Faith will do just that.

My Brother’s Keeper”

My Brother’s Keeper is one of the greatest reads ever! It is fun, scary, emotional, insightful and very, very exciting. It is also a novel of in-depth spiritual warfare, so it may not be for the younger reader. Although, if a child reads Harry Potter, then they certainly should read this. The storyline is about two brothers who are fundamentally different and rather at odds with each other. They both have individual strengths and weaknesses, though fail to recognize them in each other. The storyline takes the reader through the consequences of rebellion and bad choices; how both actions can directly affect the lives of others, most especially those who love you. It is chock full of battles, demonic hybrids, warring angels, and hand to hand combat scenes. The reader will be brought into the heart and spirit of each brother as they both battle for their own lives and for the lives of those they love. The end of the novel has a tremendous battle scene with a surprising twist. Though I have completed this novel, I still want to tweak it some. It is not scheduled to be with the editor until next year, but I promise you it will be worth the wait. The art work will be edgy and stark, and in line with a graphic novel. I’ll be sure to keep you posted with time lines and updates. As with all my work, there will be an interactive teaching section with questions and relevant scriptures.


The Lost Generation Trilogy

Book 1 – “The Legacy”

Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would be writing a trilogy, but I am. The first book, The Legacy, is completed, and I am over the moon with how it turned out. It goes to the editor in January, and may take me a few rewrites to get it polished, but I am praying it will be in print by fall 2014. Now, let me tell you just a little bit about it. The storyline opens in the present. The main character, Ginny, walks into her home and is met with the unimaginable. (Wish I could tell you… but…) After surviving the unthinkable (nope… still not going to tell you) she searches for a diary; her only legacy from her mother. Once she finds the diary, her entire world is altered in the course of one night. As the angelic and the demonic fight for the eternal spirit of Ginny, she begins to read the unknown author’s words. There, she finds her heritage; a generation of women who are birthed from and into an unbreakable line of witches. From the first witch, Mairi—who is conceived in the Highlands of Scotland in the 1700’s—the reader will be immersed into the lives of every generation, every witch. From the late 1700’s up to present day, from the castles of Scotland to the high mountains of North Carolina, from Cassadaga, Florida in the 1950’s, to the high places of demonic worship and the deep, secretive caves of the dead, you will read of true evil and how it can be disguised. Eight generations of women. You will know them intimately, you will read of their eternal choices and you will see how their lives affect the next generation. Then there is Ginny… always there is Ginny, and you won’t be able to get her off your mind while you read about her ancestors.

This novel is for the more adult reader. I do encourage parents to read it before passing it to your children, though there again, if they have read the Harry Potter series, they should certainly be reading this novel. It teaches truth; unadulterated, stark truth. The storyline reveals evil and the consequences of choosing such. The characters are angelic—warriors and brothers who are seasoned and skilled in fighting Satan’s army—and demonic. Lucifer is a major character, and I do not white-wash his persona. The demons in this novel are individualized, appearing both spiritually and in the physical when they consume a person’s soul. This is also a work of historical fiction and my research was quite extensive. There is such a place as Cassadaga, Florida and they do desperately try to disguise their evil—even to this day. All of the acts and characteristics of witchcraft are accurate, as is, I believe, the consequences. My one goal in this novel is to reveal evil; to literally rip the guise off of what many believe to be ‘harmless’ actions and choices. And my personal desire is that after reading this novel, there will be those of you who are brave enough to pass it on… not to a believer, but to someone who truly doesn’t know or understand that when you play with the devil… one day he will come for you.