The Image of My Father

frontcover1From the moment God releases Gabriel, the Messenger of Heaven, to bring the Living Word—a Savior for all mankind—to the young virgin Mary, a fierce battle begins between the forces of evil and good; the demonic, which are determined to destroy God’s plans, and the angelic, which are equally single-minded in seeing that they are carried through. Michael, the archangel of war, commands the seasoned warriors of heaven. By his side are his most trusted commanders, those who will fight the strongest of the demonic—even Satan himself—to ensure that the conception and birth of Jesus occurs as the Father has designed. As the battle begins, Mary accepts her commission with a resolute spirit, but wonders whether her family, her beloved, and her people will accept the truth of the miracle or stone her to death as an adulteress. Joseph, her betrothed, struggles with his own doubts and a literal rending of his soul as he tries to understand Mary’s apparent betrayal and determine whether he is capable of being the foster father to Israel’s Messiah. While Mary and Joseph struggle with their earthly roles in the heavenly drama and begin their long journey to Bethlehem, a vivid, and often brutal, supernatural war rages around them, leading up to the moment when Satan confronts Mary directly and literally tries to rip the Christ Child from her womb. This is the moment Mary must rise up and be all she has been purposed to be—a fierce warrior, a tremendous woman of faith, and the mother of the King. This is a novel of stark warfare, in both the spiritual and natural realms, and an intense love story of two people who were predestined by God for a mission beyond the scope of mortal man’s abilities. It defies the image of the birth of Jesus as a peaceful, untrying event, and instead reveals it for what it was—a war between light and dark, between the Deceiver of Mankind and the Father of All Creation; a war that would perpetually change the lives of every man, woman and child. Forever.