Change is occurring rapidly, not just to Brian and me, but to so many others who are seeking a deeper, more revealing relationship with our Lord. But, it is coming with a price; so me being me, I am constantly before Abba asking the Holy Spirit “What? How? When”?
This morning He showed me a scripture and took me to a place I have not visited in quite some time.
Do any of you remember Corrie Ten Boom? If you are a Christian birthed from the “Jesus Revolution” of the 60’s and 70’s you should remember her. If not, let me give you a brief bio:
Pre-WW11, Corrie was a Dutch watchmaker. She was also a Christian. Her family believed that the Jews were the Chosen People, and though Gentiles, they devotedly read and believed in the Old Testament. When Jews were being arrested and persecuted, it was known throughout the Jewish community and to those who were fighting in the resistance, that “In the household of the Ten Boom’s, God’s people were always welcome.”
The Ten Boom household was of one accord—one solid belief—and they were major prayer warriors. They listened to the Holy Spirit and obeyed; as a result, magnificent miracles manifested in unusual and astounding ways. The Ten Boom family saved many lives, though members of their household died in prison camps and women’s labor camps. Corrie’s sister died in a labor camp where she and Corrie had been conducting Bible studies with a Bible they had smuggled in. That, in and of itself is an indescribable miracle, as every woman was stripped naked and searched before entering the camps. Before Betsie, Corrie’s sister, died at age 59, she told Corrie, “There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still.”
Wow ….
Now go to Acts 1:14:
“These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer, …”
I have not thought of Corrie Ten Boom in so many years. I still have her books—somewhere—but for the Lord to download her life back into me when I was praying the “what, when, how’s” I knew there was something deeper.
Then bam.
“Go to Acts, I’ll show you, then I will bring to your memory.”
Now that He has, I am praying Abba will give me the words to describe to you the intimacy—the depth—of what Jesus wants you to know.
Corrie Ten Boom is the example. WE are to be receptive and then make a very serious decision.
The Holy Spirit is weeping for his people. He has been ignored, shoved aside and in some cases, forgotten. We have stepped back from His intimacy and allowed the world to yammer into our hearts and ears.
Corrie Ten Boom’s intimacy with the Holy Spirit was so extraordinary that she literally lived in the Word of:
“Pray continuously.”
How do I know this?
One time in the 1970’s she was being interviewed by a reporter after her movie, “The Hiding Place” (1971), had been released. Throughout the interview she talked very quietly under her breath. She answered the reporter’s questions, asked a few of her own, retold stories and related facts. YET, she NEVER stopped whispering under her breath. The reporter, knowing she was elderly and had been under great strain, said something like, “Miss Ten Boom, are you tired? Am I disturbing you or taking up too much of your time? Am I distracting you from doing something you need to do?”
The reporter was uncomfortable that Corrie, in her mid 80’s, seemed to be continuously speaking to someone else—someone who was not in the room.
Miss Ten Boom placed her Bible beside her (she always had it with her), and smiled. She leaned toward the reporter and asked his forgiveness if he thought she was being rude.
“I’m speaking to my Best Friend,” she said. “I’m telling Him what we are talking about, and ask Him how I should answer your questions. I tell Him everything and speak to Him always, even when I am speaking to others.”
Imagine the reporter. Pen and paper in hand he must have sat there quietly until Corrie finally explained.
“My Best Friend is the Holy Spirit. I speak to Him always.”
Here it is!
Acts: “…with ONE MIND continually devote yourself to prayer …”
Precious brothers and sisters, we are once again at such a time as this, where we MUST be in one accord, praying continuously and intimately to our Best Friend. Formal prayer is not what I am talking about. I’m trying to explain that—like Corrie Ten Boom—the Holy Spirit is crying out to be included in our lives in EVERY way and manner.
There is a division coming that will be placing light on darkness in ways that will shake people to the core. If the Holy Spirit isn’t your Best Friend, Comforter, Teacher and Disciplinarian, you are going to have some very hard choices to make. If you draw intimately—daily—into His presence, then the revelations that are coming for 2017 will not shake you or frighten you.
People like Corrie Ten Boom and her family always make me think.
Could I be like them in a time of such evil? Could I rise up and walk in such faith that the Holy Spirit literally opens my mouth to speak the impossible into being? Would I place the lives of strangers before my own and my family knowing that angels have charge of our lives? Would I stand ready and prepared knowing that evil in all its forms was breaking down my door?
Brian and I are changing our lives in a big way. God is placing our feet firmly behind His. Daily—and I mean JUST daily—we are directed by the Holy Spirit. What the next day brings, or the next 24 hours holds for us, I have to be truthful and say, “We don’t know.”
But here’s the kicker.
Every day, we are getting more and more excited. We grip Jesus’ hand tighter and tighter. We talk to the Holy Spirit so intimately that we are learning how to open our mouths and speak to strangers in strange places—when it concerns Jesus and what He wants that person to know.
We are at peace and rest. We still feel the sting of Satan when he throws out a dart, but Jesus is honing us, shaking us and testing us.
Fine! We need to be prepared, because we do not know what is coming from one day to the next.
So, when I feel a tad overwhelmed, my prayer goes deeper and more intimate, and, like today, The Holy Spirit reminds me of Corrie Ten Boom.
Wow… just think what could happen to our lives, our cities, our states, our nation and our world if we all obeyed Acts 1:14!

“And suddenly there came from Heaven a noise like a violent, rushing wind, and it filled the whole house (everything-everywhere) where they were sitting.” Acts 2:2.

Were they sitting quietly going about their individual wants and desires?
I don’t think so, because remember… they were ALL in one accord.

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