Sacrificial Thanks

Sacrificial Thanks


During the Christmas Season, I am going to jump right in to what the Lord is saying. No preambles or explanations or breaking down of thoughts. When the Holy Spirit says, “GO!” I jump a few inches, crack my knuckles and write!

Luke 11:41

Isaiah 55:11

Psalm 119:38

Here is the definition of thanks: To express appreciation and gratitude; to be grateful.

Here is the definition of praise: To express approval or admiration; to glorify.

Abba is having a time with His children; this is what I know and why I know it.

When purposed and anointed to reveal and be in the midst of spiritual warfare there are two realms I am very sensitive to. One is the war in the heavenlies—specifically the second heaven. The other is the cry of the Holy Spirit, both to the earth and individually (when He allows it).

So, if you have ears to hear, know this:

There is POWER and Authority in praying sacrificially.

Here is the simplified definition of sacrifice: The act of giving up.

Now, here is what The Lord, our God wants you to know.

The Holy Spirit is HUNGERING for His children.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays horrible things occurred. Satan is ramping up. For now, that is all I’m allowed to say.

BUT, we have a secret weapon; a weapon few are aware of, and even fewer utilize.

In Luke, Jesus stood before the tomb of Lazarus, looked up into the eyes of Abba Father and said, “Thank you for hearing Me.”

In Psalms, verse 38 states, “Establish Thy Word to Thy servant, as that which produces REVERENCE for Thee.”

In Isaiah, the prophet declares, “So shall My (God) word be which goes forth from My mouth; it SHALL NOT return to Me empty (void), without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”

Now, this is your choice:

When life is going along at the pace you are accustomed to, it is easy—even natural—for a child of Jesus to say, “Thank you.”

But precious ones… Life as we know it is changing rapidly and you must be aware of the weapons you have been given to fight and disarm the enemy.

The Word of God is unfaltering—it is impossible for The Living Word to fail!

If you want the Word to come alive as a weapon of victory against the enemies of Christ Jesus that are directly affecting your life or the lives of your loved ones, then be sensitive to these three things:

  • In times of sorry, defeat, anguish etc., raise your face to Abba Father and say, “Thank You!” You don’t have to understand because your praise and thanksgiving is sacrificial—you are giving up your emotions and feelings to Your Father for the glory of His Son, Jesus. Hard, yes. POWERFUL—YES! God honors the tears that come with Thanksgiving. In fact, they are a sweet, sweet scent in His nostrils because He is aware your thanksgiving is a surrendering of your natural emotions.
  • When you are praying and speaking to God, visualize your prayers being echoed by the Holy Spirit. The precious Spirit of the Living God understands your inner man better than you do. Remember, when the Spirit speaks on your behalf, the will of God is immediate (though we might not immediately see the manifestation), and it CANNOT be changed or nullified. The Word goes forth! It accomplishes! It will succeed, and when it is spoken by you sacrificially, as the arms of the Holy Spirit holds you up, you WILL see the results of the power of Abba’s Word!
  • Speak the Word when you pray. God wrote it, so speak His words back to Him. BUT, do so in thanksgiving and praise, even when you do not understand. Speak to the Holy Spirit as your best friend—He is! Reverently ask the Spirit to place the Word of God deeply within your heart, mind and spirit so when you are blind-sided or knocked to your knees, the Word is established intensely within you.

Remember, holy is our God and worthy to be praised in ALL situations. While our world and the actions of the unrighteous produce fear, chaos and a lack of understanding, our God is in control, knows the end to the beginning, has you safely tucked beneath His wing and in the palm of His hand, and is HUNGERING for you to call upon Him. But first, thank Him! In every situation, with tears of sorry or gratitude, reach out and glorify the One who saved you from eternal death, and who longs—so desires—for a deeper relationship with you. If you block out the screams and chaos that the prince of darkness is reveling in, you will hear the sweet, sweet voice of your Savior.

“Come to Me, My precious child. I will lift you up, wipe away your tears, and hold you in My arms. I created you for such a time as this. I will never let you go….”


Amen and so be it!

So grateful, my Jesus. So grateful.

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